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MAY  |  14   |   2022  |  AT 2PM EST

Meeka & Nate

Thank you

for making our day  special...  

We wish we could see each of your faces in person, but are so glad that you can join us remotely.


Sending our love to each of you,

Nate / Meeka

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MAY  |  14   |   2022  |  AT 2PM EST

Watch our

Due to technical troubles we were unable to live-stream our ceremony, but we were able to record it for you to view now! Thank you all so much for the kind was the most incredible day!

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How we met...

Nate was working at a book publishing company as a book binder when Meeka showed up for a graphic design internship. They would see each other throughout the day, at company events, and occasionally at church. Meeka liked him...Nate thought she was a little quirky. Two whole years passed.

Nate would often hang out at a local coffee shop to chill and draw. Meeka just so happened to also love this coffee shop (she still says it wasn't because Nate might be there). One day at the coffee shop, Nate saw Meeka sitting across the room and decided to text her...(he didn't know that Meeka had already seen him, but was pretending that she hadn't). She jumped up and joined him at his table, then made the mistake of asking him if there was anybody he liked (for the record, Meeka definitely liked Nate). Nate panicked, until Meeka went on to suggest a bunch of awesome girls she knew...(Meeka still doesn't know why she did that)...

During Covid, Meeka invited a very small group of friends to hang out at her apartment every Saturday to draw, drink coffee, and keep each other sane. Nate was starting artistic pursuits in earnest, and decided this would be a fun way to do it with other creatives. He was also trying to figure out a feeling that had slowly been growing. He would catch himself looking for Meeka's car at work to see if she was in that day, and he would keep his eyes open for her at the coffee shop. 


One day during lunch break, Meeka told Nate that she was going to the lake to draw that night, and he could join if he wanted.


(for those who are wondering)

Nate said yes.

After adventuring, dating, drawing, running to Jesus, and drinking lots of coffee for another year or so, Nate took Meeka to a beach on Ontario lake and asked her if she would want to continue the adventure for always.


And Meeka

said yes.

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