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graphic design.

Vanilla Bean Logo Cup mockup.jpg


Logo Design and Branding for Vanilla Bean Coffee Roasters

Foil Stamped Book Covers

Embossed and foil stamped book cover designs, featuring elements from 19th century original artwork. Created for Lamplighter Publishing.

Magazines, Catalogs & Print Ads

Printed magazines, catalogs, and ads. Created for Lamplighter Publishing.

School Book Club Monthly Catalog

Web banners, catalogs, and ads for

The Lamplighter, a school book club that distributed to approximately 7,000 students nation-wide.

Lamplighter book club computer mockup.jpg

Social Media Event Package

Social Media and Booklet Design. Created for Faith Ascent's summer event. 

Annas Question front spread.jpg

Book Formatting

Interior book formatting.

One of over a dozen book layouts for Lamplighter Publishing.

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