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I'm an artist/designer located in Western NY. My studio setup strategically moves from the desk by my attic window to local parks and coffee shops, where I find inspiration for clean, eye-catching designs, and illustrations of whimsical adventures. When I'm not drawing I´m usually playing violin, watching Anime, enjoying the outdoors, playing KeyForge, or drinking lots of coffee. 

In 2018 I graduated from Liberty University with a Bachelors in Studio and Digital Art with a concentration in graphic design. From 2018-2020 I worked as a Graphic Artist for Lamplighter Publishing in New York, contributing to their book covers, interior book layouts, social media, catalog designs, and print ads. In 2021 I joined the awesome branding/marketing agency, Noticestry, as their Graphic Artist. Here I get to work on website design, print, and logo design.

If you have an amazing project coming down the pipeline, and you need art to bring it to life, please reach out; I'd love to jump on board with you! 


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